From Paris, passing by London and Abu Dhabi, Celia and Dounia have always been encouraged by their parents to open up to the endless field of possibilities. 

After a last stop respectively in Australia and in the US, the two sisters meet again in Dubai in 2021, to make the dream come true and create Passion Pampas.



Intuitive and radiating a solar energy, she is always ready for action while keeping an attentive eye. Those arrangements you see? Her hands made them. Her kind of fun is mixing materials and colors. Passion is what truly moves Célia.

You can always find her dancing, singing, drawing, decorating or DIY-ing something. Celia expresses herself through creation, and always gives importance to detail through refinement and simplicity. 

“Imagining how and where our arrangements will be placed in one’s home, bringing them pleasure and warmth, this is what pushes me to create new pieces everyday" 


An ever-observant person, Dounia has this lunar glance that makes her sensitivity shine. She conceptualizes ideas and organizes daily tasks. She enjoys finding inspiration, coming up with innovative ideas, and putting light on curious objects, all through her lens.

“What helps me reinvent myself is always giving meaning to our work, following the work ethic we have inherited from our family history and values”.

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