We have designed our offering the way we’d want to shop for dried flowers. We don’t know about you, but we like to have things our way!
We’re bringing 3 colour palettes to you, 3 universes with different meanings. 
All you have to do is choose the palette you prefer and then choose whether you want your arrangement to be a handmade wreath or a bouquet (optionally topped with a basket). Voilà!


let's get started

step 2

step 3

choose your palette

style it

add a sweet word

make yours now

step 1


The bouquet was so nicely packed, I even got free stickers!
Loved the delicate attention


Discovered this unique concept and found it so intuitive. Can't recommend it enough


Passion Pampas really knows how to make beautiful dried flowers bouquets.
I'm so in love with mine!


Prettiest dried flowers in Dubai!

the studio

ONE LARGE BRIGHT ROOM, an organic beautiful mess is taking place. Colorful vases full of Pampas watch roses bloom, a tad of lavender and some carnations are in symbiosis on the working table.
Glue, rope and tissue paper: materials mix and arrange around the ever forgotten: our beloved dried flowers.

ties that unite two sisters, by blood and by soul. 

Kept fresh in their true colors, Passion Pampas’ flowers are offered a new life here.
Arranged with taste in flowers arrangements, on wreathes or tied in delicate bouquets, your flowers, complemented by beautiful vases, boxes or baskets, make their way to your home and can stay there for at least a year!
Passion Pampas is, before all, a story of powerful, sensitive and complex ties. 

Somewhere in the midst of Dubai’s sand, in a high-rise tower, there is a creative studio. 

Daring and with matching skills, both curious and motivated, they both naturally decided to step forward and give meaning to their passion by creating Passion Pampas. 

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